How Outward Mindset Transforms Organisations


Every organisation is striving to maximise results. Conventional strategies include strengthening people, strategies, resources, structures and more. Indeed, many organisations are very successful in such endeavours. However, our work with organisations reveals that substantial human potential is still untapped, even in high performing teams.

This untapped potential can be released by deeply addressing mindset that is how we see the world, specifically people, challenges, opportunities and circumstances. Research in human sciences reveal two distinct mindsets that shape human interaction, behavior and our experiences.

With one mindset (Inward Mindset), people may be exhibiting all the right behaviours but they are nowhere near performing at their full potential. In the other mindset (Outward Mindset), people are truly functioning at their best and it shows in the results and culture of the organisation.

In this talk, we explore how leveraging an Outward Mindset can be the disruption leaders need to strengthen business growth, deliver results and gain a competitive edge.


Senthiyl S S G, Director (Consulting) for Arbinger Singapore/Malaysia, leads his team in delivering Arbinger's technologies, intellectual properties and programmes in Singapore and Malaysia with the concerted objective of leading and supporting organisations, families and voluntary organisations in their transformation efforts.

The Arbinger Institute is an international training and consulting firm headquartered in the US. Discovered by scholars working at the deepest levels of human sciences, Arbinger principles and technologies provide a robust framework to support lasting solutions and meaningful relationships at home and work.

Fri Aug 18, 2017
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM MYT
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